Tall Black Guy – 8 Miles To Moenart


Tall Black Guy released his debut album, 8 Miles To Moenart, for First Word Records and it’s out now.

This guy has been on our radar for quite some time and hasn’t faltered in that period of time. I remember the last album I heard from Tall Black Guy being Brazilian Chronicles, a vibrant album of Brazilian remixes and sample flips and incredibly dope. Now, 9 months after that, he has released his debut album for First Word Records, a label that’s home to kidkanevil and others. 8 Miles To Moenart goes beyond your standard boom bap. The wide variety of instruments used, something not always associated with hip hop, adds to the multi-layered nature of the album. The guitars, synths and occasional samples are used to great effect, especially some of the drum breaks which you should be familiar with by now. 8 Miles To Moenart is available as a digital download, in CD and vinyl formats on the First Word Bandcamp page.

Stream it below.

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