Mecca:83 – One4Bug

Mecca:83 is “reborn” with a track dedicated to a fellow producer, entitled One4Bug. Don’t call it a comeback but one our favourite beat makers is making a steady return. Mecca:83 has embarked on a series of instrumentals dedicated to those who inspire him. The first one is in honour of another one of our faves […]

Virtual Crate Digging With “Digging Into Hip-Hop”

There’ll be no need to get dusty fingers when you’ve tried “Digging Into Hip-Hop”, an online vinyl experience. You’ve heard of e-digging, well now there’s virtual crate digging. Digging Into Hip-Hop is a site that “offers a virtual record shop experience”, allowing you to “dig” through the crates using your mouse/trackpad and keyboard. Unfortunately, the […]

Leaf Dog – A Lesson in Alchemy

High Focus Records’ Leaf Dog concocts a remix album entitled A Lesson In Alchemy. Last year, we published an article on High Focus Records. Well, one of their alumni – Leaf Dog – has been kind enough to release A Lesson In Alchemy, a remix album featuring reworks of some of his tracks. The rapper/producer […]

VIDEO: Reppatwa – Don’t [Freestyle]

Reppatwa puts his own spin on ‘Don’t’ By Byson Tiller. When it comes to music videos, sometimes less is more. For every elaborate visual masterpiece, there’s a quick collection of scenes that do just enough to convey the context of the music. The video for Reppatwa’s Don’t freestyle falls into that category. Donning a white […]