• Electronic
  • Becoming Phill – Electrum

    Namibian producer Becoming Phill gets funky with his latest album, Electrum. Becoming Phill is a multi-talented producer from southern African country of Namibia and after an illustrious career spanning over 10 years, his latest album, “Electrum”, takes him on an electro funk odyssey. It features vocals from Namibian singers Shishani and Dantago, and guitar play […]

  • Funk
  • Bob Fadoul – Fi Jamaïque

    Bob Fadoul – dubbed “Morocco’s James Brown Meets King Tubby” – threw some Arabic funk onto a reggae ridden and call it Fi Jamaïque. We can’t believe it either. This is arguably the most peculiar track we’ve featured on Sampleface but entertaining nonetheless. Not much is known about Bob Fadoul besides the Little Richard aesthetic […]