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Louie Zong – Cosmos

Sun Ra called. He wants to know when you’ll be stopping by.

A couple of weeks ago, Louie Zong blessed us with a Herbie Hancock-inspired jazz-funk album called Cosmos and it’s awesome. Zong has a remarkable ability to condense a lot of instrumentation and orchestration into 2–3 minutes without it feeling suffocating. It’s especially unique in this case where jazz-fusion can risk the hazard of self-indulgence with 7–10+ minute songs (Herbie excluded!!!). But that’s not what we get here. Think of it as a whistle stop tour around the solar system rather than “a funk odyssey” (heh).

If you download Cosmos, you also get a PDF of “Secrets & Sunlight,” a small zine he made about this era of Herbie’s music. Louie Zong is a multi-talented individual so get into it!

Stream Cosmos on Bandcamp.

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