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Sampleface 5: Herbie Hancock Samples


Our Sampleface Five is dedicated to Herbie Hancock samples from the likes of Ugly Duckling, Lamb and Venom. As we’ve already heard...

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Herbie Hancock To Collaborate With Flying Lotus


Jazz legend Herbie Hancock has been collaborating with Flying Lotus, as he discussed with Time Out Dubai. You’ll hopefully remember...

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Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Herbie Hancock… Listening To Dilla?!

Hip Hop

We told you about the possibility of Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Herbie Hancock working on music together. Now there’s another video...

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Herbie Hancock Jams With His Fairlight CMI Feat. Quincy Jones


Herbie Hancock jams with Quincy Jones and his Fairlight CMI for this week’s Throwback Thursday. After showing you the video of Flying...

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King Britt’s Guides Us Through The Sonic World Of Afrofuturism (Mix)


King Britt takes us on a journey through sound - Afrofuturistic sound - in his free mix....

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