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Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Herbie Hancock… Listening To Dilla?!


We told you about the possibility of Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Herbie Hancock working on music together. Now there’s another video of them listening to Dilla.

Now, I know what you might be thinking – “I listen to Dilla everyday, that’s not news.” Well, that’s true and I do it too BUT when the track they were listening to actually sampled Herbie’s Watermelon Man and the guy who recorded it listens to it, that’s kind of a big deal. We have to assume by the look on his face and the fact FlyLo posted up on Vine that he hadn’t heard it before, which just adds to the joyous occasion. One of the best bassists around at the moment, one of the best producers around at the moment and one of the best living jazz musicians all in the same room listening to one of the best hip hop producers ever. That’s some holy sh*t.

Watch the video below.