ONE TO WATCH: Constrobuz

Proof that you should never judge a book by its cover… unless you’ve read it already.

Over in Raleigh, Norf Cacalacky (North Carolina), there’s a chap called Constrobuz whose sole mission in hip-hop is not just to defy typical beat-making conventions with his brand of aural artistry; it’s to destroy them altogether.

Constrobuz’s track Cheap Skate was featured on the beyond-dope Summer In The City beat tape (curated by Pragmatic Theory) and from the first listen, I was 100% floored by Constro’s ability to churn out such powerful and emotive work.  When you listen to something that good, you just have to take a little trip over to the creator’s SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages.  This guy must be amphibious because he’s completely submerged in ‘amazing’ and I doubt he’s ever coming up for air.  Every beat I’ve come across so far feels like someone stuck a wooden spoon into my soul and started stirring.  Needless to say: my man Constrobuz is on some next-level type ‘isht.  Press play and be amazed, family.