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Ceiling Demons - Even If

North Yorkshire, stand up. The hip-hop trio known as Ceiling Demons have dropped a properly beautiful track entitled ‘Even If’ and you should listen to it. Not now but right now.

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FREE DL: tiromancy - Knee Deep In Adele (Rumour Has It)

A rework of Adele has tiromancy “knee deep” in his latest free track. Rumour has it… There’s nothing quite like a good frickin’ remix especially when the original tune is already brilliant. Case in point: Adele’s Rumour Has It.  That’s where Cincinnati’s Geoff Adams (AKA tiromancy) comes in to drop some serious house grooves and …

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How Did I Miss That: Knxwledge - karma.loops.prt3

Clearly we either had too much good music to partake in June 2012 because we somehow managed to miss this positively awesome album from Philly’s own Glen Booth aka Knxwledge. The Auracle reporting for euphoric overload. You never really know just how good a particular artist is until you start going through their back catalogue …


REVIEW: DarkoTheSuper - Thank You Jim Cunningham

The 19-year-old Pennsylvania-based human hip-hop experiment Evan Souza AKA DarkoTheSuper invites you on follow him on a bold and warped quest through aural space with Thank You Jim Cunningham. ‘Challenge accepted,’ says our reviewer (The Auracle). There’s something about this dude DarkoTheSuper that is so strange and flipped out, yet at the same time, it’s …

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J WHY - StaWitch

He supports Arsenal and his beats are as big as the Emirates Stadium itself. Meet North London’s own Jake Whyte aka J WHY.


Review: Jonwayne - Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape

Jonwayne recently released a new mixtape and The Auracle enjoyed it so much, he almost forgot to submit the review we asked him to write. Let’s not beat around the bush here, folks: Jonwayne’s latest tape is all killer, no filler.  I’ve seen his name bandied about on Twitter and whatnot but never thought to …