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How Did I Miss That: Knxwledge – karma.loops.prt3


Clearly we either had too much good music to partake in June 2012 because we somehow managed to miss this positively awesome album from Philly’s own Glen Booth aka Knxwledge. The Auracle reporting for euphoric overload.

You never really know just how good a particular artist is until you start going through their back catalogue of music.  On Friday, I was in the mood for a bit of time travelling and decided to go down and listen to the homie Knxwledge‘s earliest uploads on SoundCloud.  After taking in some of the crazy Danny Brown remixes, the utterly soul-illuminating vibe of seenikRowt caressed the entirety of my left and right ear canals and I was in a world of unadulterated happiness.  From the deft percussion creating a infectious swing to the echoes of the lusciously colourful guitars and flute samples, my mind was fixated on nothing but the aural glory I was winging my way through.  Naturally, this sampler led to quick addiction and I made haste to Knxwledge’s BandCamp page.  Lo and behold, for mine ears discovered even more scintillating music.

The title of the opening track (Agoni) is ironic because when the tune hits, you’re actually in a state of complete bliss.  jstleft is a fervent love letter to old-school soul music – one the album’s stand out tracks. malohabits and nobdielse posses the adept ablility to brighten even the darkest day and improve the foulest of moods.  relintlessli is decidedly seductive and sultry, making no bones about what kind of mood this was meant to soundtrack.  If your neck hasn’t completely snapped off its hinges after seenikRowt, thruthend will send your head rolling down the nearest aisle or corridor.  Knxwledge saves the best for last: wntwrk (pronounced ‘won’t work’).  While the vocal sample is delicious and I love how the warm rapidly panning grooves finds harmony with the soaring string section, the runaway standout feature of this song is the bass line. It’s straight out of a manuka honey jar: smoother than anything you’ve ever heard and undeniably good for you.

karma.loops.prt3 is unreal, uncanny. unmistakably phenomenal.  Considering that Knxwledge’s karma.loops.prt3 dropped over a year ago, another word springs to mind on the topic of how could I have missed this belter: unacceptable.  Press play and prepare to arise from your slumber.

Stream karma.loops.prt3 below: