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J WHY - StaWitch

He supports Arsenal and his beats are as big as the Emirates Stadium itself. Meet North London’s own Jake Whyte aka J WHY.

In a city of about 8 or 9 million inhabitants and rising, you’d think that the odds of finding someone with the artistic abilities to get your neck snapping six ways to Sunday are quite high. Well if it’s bounce music you want, then allow me to introduce you to a guy that seems to have a natural-born zeal for this sort of thing. Born Jake Whyte, I first met the man they call J WHY through Knytro and High Frequency. When he told me he had beats, what he [purposely] neglected to tell me was that he had some sensational trumps in his deck of cards and StaWitch is one of them.

Masterfully sampling a chant from an African tribe, he slows it down; loops it; switches it up; then lets the beat roar with a rhythm harder than Mt. Kilimanjaro and a fuzzy sub-bass line filthier than a broken toilet in an underground strip club down in Soho. To top it all off, J WHY uses a selection of brilliant sound effects and a synth progression that’s so out of this world, you’d have thought we made contact with an extraterrestrial race. Trap style beats might be the latest craze in hip-hop right now but it’s really refreshing to hear beats that dare to blaze their own trail rather than opt for the familiar route.

StaWitch is a killer track… or as the kids these days say: it’s wavy, fam. Press play and you’ll see what I mean.

Stream StaWitch on SoundCloud.

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