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A spur-of-the-moment decision from Flying Lotus to thank fans for getting him 300,000 Twitter followers has manifested itself as an impromptu compilation entitled ideas+drafts+loops.

Flying Lotus

The ever-charismatic and ridiculously multi-talented producer Flying Lotus took to Twitter and made a very simple & plain statement to his legions of devoted followers/fans. Once the ZIP file in question was uploaded and the L.A. native’s subsequent tweet went out confirming said upload, the entire Internet and every related music community member from beatmaker to blogger were whipped into a euphoric frenzy.

What is ideas+drafts+loops?

ideas+drafts+loops is a 24-track mixtape, including collaborations (some of them seemingly unfinished) with great artists like Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt, Andreya Triana, Thundercat, Captain Murphy, and Niki Randa.

Now before this story turns into a full-blown review and I wax lyrical about how I feel like even FlyLo’s throwaways are like aural gold dust, let me state how I categorically feel like the track flotus is 100% everything ever. When I say everything, I mean the sun; the moon; the stars; dark matter; quantum physics; the Higgs-Boson particle; and every last one of the gods from Buddha to Vishnu. Once I’ve come down from the wavering heights this track has transported me to, I’ll be able to tell you what exact piece (pieces?) of music Mr Ellison has sampled to make what is undoubtedly a beast of a track.

How does it sound?

The Lotus seems to take a leaf out of the International Players Anthem playbook and kicks off proceedings by simply letting the beat build and the splendid sample loop until the 808’s and sub bass come crashing in. Whether or not Childish Gambino (for whom the beat was actually made for) or Kendrick Lamar (another person Flying Lotus had in mind) actually decides to spit something over flotus remains to be seen but I’ll tell you one thing: it’d be pretty awesome to hear either of those cats on such a “stately, elegant, and powerful” beat. You know what else would be dope? Seeing the stately, elegant, and powerful FLOTUS herself use this whenever she’s introduced. Just imagine it for a second. Did you feel that? Damn right that shit would be flawless.

In summary: ideas+drafts+loops is a gift, fuck Santa Claus, and you can keep your 25 December. Christmas came early and it came in the form of a compressed folder and 24 high-quality mp3’s.

Download ideas+drafts+loops here.

Kanye - Black Skinhead (Flying lotus remix, ideas+drafts+loops feat. Thundercat)
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