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Ceiling Demons - Even If

North Yorkshire, stand up. The hip-hop trio known as Ceiling Demons have dropped a properly beautiful track entitled ‘Even If’ and you should listen to it. Not now but right now.

Somewhere in the midst of the concrete jungles of York and Middlesbrough; the beautiful expanse of the Yorkshire dales; the breathtaking setting of the North York moors; the spas of Harrogate; and the aromas of Scarborough sea salt, there’s a collective of three young men – two of them identical twin brothers – who are putting out some straight up dope-ass hip-hop music. The group called Ceiling Demons (emcees Psy Ceiling & Dan Demon and the appropriately named Beat Demon on production duty) have taken on the mission of putting every emotive aspect of human life into their tunes and the track ‘Even If‘ doesn’t just manage to capture exactly that, it manages to also make your head bob along. ‘Even If‘ is an ethereal concoction of evocative gorgeous vocals on the hook in the background swimming alongside the exquisite production of tight drums, smooth bass, and fleeting guitars. Psy and Dan do the track justice lyrically, their respective verses powerful and soul-stirring; their respective cadence and flow sparsely arranged yet bold and succinct.

The threesome will be playing Tramlines Festival in little over a week’s time and given how good ‘Even If’ is, one isn’t surprised. ‘Even If‘ will be released for free download on Yorkshire Day (1 August) so make sure you look out for that. As a further treat, the track will be released officially on 17 August alongside two b-side tracks entitled ‘Feels Like Forever‘ and ‘The Quiet‘ and [SPOILER ALERT] each of them are fantastic. For now though, you can get into ‘Even If’ by clicking play below. For a group known as Ceiling Demons, I dare say demonic possession doesn’t really sound that bad a thing if the music is this good.

Stream it from the link below.

Ceiling Demons – Even If

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