ONE TO WATCH: Tay Devenny

Tay Devenny
Meanwhile in the UK…

Meet Tay Devenny: an emcee out of the UK with a laid-back and smooth flow reminiscent of Guru from his Jazzmatazz projects.

Backed by jazzy and downtempo beats, Devenny showcases how hip-hop isn’t just about aggression and braggadocio.  Take his recent collaboration with your boy Languid, for example.  From the cold smooth production to the poetic imagery laced in the lyrics, Meanwhile is a proper jam.  Tay also has a couple of EP’s out that are worth a listen called Obulous and Scriptures.  If you’re interested in checking out more of his stuff after bumping Meanwhile, chances are you going to love tracks like Remincising, Run It, and Sound Of The Stuy.  Moral of the story: Tay Devenny gets busy and as such, he’s one that you should definitely keep an eye on.