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Leftover Links: Hip Hop Articles

Fancy some light reading this Sunday? Check out these hip hop articles in our latest edition of Leftover Links.

We deal in mostly music and videos when it comes to Leftover Links but we’ve decided to try something different for this edition. Below are a selection of eight articles regarding hip hop from Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw journey to Dart Adams’ look at the birth of hip hop as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations.

  1. Peanut Butter Wolf Spins the History of His Stones Throw Records – As a kid, Christopher George Manak’s ambitions for adulthood didn’t involve growing up to be rich or famous. Instead, he wanted to be an inventor, like Thomas Edison. “My dream is always to discover things,” says the man who also goes by Peanut Butter Wolf. “I wanted to do something with historical relevance.” (Phoenix New Times)
  2. Ab-Soul: Righteous Man – As the self-proclaimed “last Black Hippy to get a Wiki,” Ab-Soul is comfortable with his status as Top Dawg Entertainment’s secret weapon. Instead of going for the quick buck, Ab’s guiding principle has been a focus on the long run. (RBMA)
  3. How a Producer for Hip-Hop’s Biggest Names Hacked His Way Into the Industry – Just Blaze rise into the music industry from his days of programming ringtones to working with the biggest names in pop and hip hop. (Wired)
  4. Questlove is the Hardest-Working Man in Showbiz, and He is Lonely Enough to Prove It – In the past six days, he’s DJed five events, performed twice with his band, the Roots, taped four episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, opened a restaurant that serves fried chicken he can’t eat on his current diet, graded his students’ final performances for the New York University class he co-teaches, performed at Radio City Music Hall, and auditioned for an American Express ad. (He didn’t get it.) (Village Voice)
  5. Interview: Madlib – Few musicians can match hip hop producer and crate-digger Madlib’s prolific output, an eccentric mix of hip hop, rap, jazz, and weird vocal samples picked from old records and VHS tapes. Like many musical geniuses, he’s released music under many guises over the last two decade. (SmartShanghai)
  6. “I’m not used to being in the spotlight”: Brainfeeder virtuoso Thundercat interviewed – With widespread acclaim for his second LP Apocalypse, Brainfeeder bass virtuoso Thundercat is enjoying something of a re-birth. (Fact)
  7. Hip-hop artist and producer Black Milk on Shazam, smartphone tasking and wireless technology – In the latest installment of our collection of queries, hip-hop producer, MC and Detroit native Black Milk chats about wireless workspaces and the dangers of an unfettered iPhone. If you venture to the other side of the break, there you’ll find the full rundown of answers. (Engadget)
  8. Hip-Hop Turns 40 – Writer Dart Adams looks back at the birth of hip-hop. (NPR Music)
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