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28 Days Of Dilla #11: J Dilla – Anthem (feat. Frank N Dank)


Another day, another unreleased Dilla beat drops. This one features Frank N Dank.

Firstly, I’d just like to announce that this is our 500th post. Thanks to all our readers out there. It seems fitting that Dilla gets the honour of being the subject matter of our 500th article. While the tributes are still in effect, there’s some big news on Dilla and his unreleased joints. Hidden away amongst the records was a lost album called The Diary, featuring productions from Madlib, Pete Rock, House Shoes and co. The first single off the LP is Anthem, with Dilla on the beats and rhymes and best pals Frank N Dank assisting with the vocals. If you’re wondering where that sample’s from, it’s R. Kelly’s Fiesta, flipped to good effect.

For more info about The Diary, go over to Rappcats.

Stream Anthem below.