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28 Days Of Dilla #14: BBC Radio 1Xtra's Stories Gone Too Soon - J Dilla


J Dilla was the focus of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Stories, Gone Too Soon. Miss it last year? Catch it right here.

Dilla documentaries are the best, aren’t they? British ones are quite rare as his influence wasn’t felt nearly as much as it was in Britain. Then again, the hip hop scene in the States is huge due to their bigger population. In February last year, BBC Radio 1Xtra, as part of their look at late hip hop artists, documented on Dilla’s life and legacy, with soundbites from his close friends and family. It was a fantastic contribution to Dilla Month but as with most BBC Radio programmes, they disappear after a few weeks online. Well, someone has kindly uploaded the whole thing and so you can hear it for yourself. We warn you, it may get emotional.

Download BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Stories Gone Too Soon – J Dilla here.

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