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28 Days Of Dilla #2: Jay Dee - Vol. 2: Vintage (Album Stream)


On Day 2 of 28 Days Of Dilla, we look at his early beat album, Vol. 2: Vintage.

Thanks to the joys of music fans worldwide, YouTube album streams are everywhere. This one is particularly special because it’s not as readily available as his other releases (you can still get a copy from Bling47 Recordings). Before he changed his name, Dilla was known as Jay Dee and constructed the 90’s hip hop/neo soul landscape we all know and love. In many cases, you might have been jamming to a song not knowing he produced it. Due to his humble nature and extensive work ethic, he may not have got the recognition he deserved but that didn’t hinder his output or his love of the music. Vol. 2: Vintage shows all that spirit in a selection of thirteen superb beats, some of which have since been used by other artists.

My personal favourite has to be Circus because that drum pattern is insane. To think he constructed that on a MPC astounds me and proves what a skilled musician he was. Before he moved onto more experiemental sounds, this album shows those Jay Dee/Dilla hallmarks: lo-fi sounds, heavy filtering, swinging basslines and off kilter beats. If you can find a copy out in the wild, I suggest you cop it immediately. If you find it by any other means, so be it but support if/when you can.

J Dilla - Vol. 2: Vintage (FULL ALBUM)
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