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28 Days Of Dilla #20: Da' Enna C - Now

J Dilla - Donuts

Back in 1994, Dilla (known then as Jay Dee) produced a beat for Da’ Enna C. It was the start of something truly magical.

It’s always interesting to find out the humble beginnings of musician’s work, especially when they’ve gone on to be so influential. J Dilla is no exception. In 1994, a hip hop group named Da’ Enna C from Detroit gave the production reins to a young producer named Jay Dee. The track, Now, featured all the classic 90’s hip hop delights one would hope for: a chopped up break, an old jazzy sample and fun upbeat lyricism.

Da’ Enna C went onto release two more albums and disappeared into obscurity. Jay Dee, obviously, did not and found his way into the music of California’s The Pharcyde. As a starting point in hip hop, this was a great effort from Dilla and, knowing what he went on to create, just goes to show how much his work expanded.

Stream Now below.

Da' Enna C - Now (Prod. By J Dilla)

(P.S. – If anyone knows more about Da’Enna C, be sure to let us know!)

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