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28 Days Of Dilla #25: Bling47 Breaks Dilla Edition (Finale)


We say farewell to Bling47 Breaks Dilla Edition but not before Waajeed discusses the humble beginnings of the label.

We’re crying some thug tears over here as Bling47 Breaks Dilla Edition comes to an end. For a year or so, the video series has shed light on Dilla’s life, work and mystery behind the beats. As Jeedo explains in the final video, the series was started to remove that mystique and show that he was just a regular guy like any one of those. The track featured was Tomita, off his Vol. 1: Unreleased beat tape. Jeedo discusses the sentimental value of the beat, as it represented the time when he first started Bling47. As for the beat itself, it was another example of Dilla adding more darkness and mystery (ironically) to another great Isao Tomita composition.

Stream the last episode below and have some tissues at the ready.

Update: Unfortunately, the video is no longer up but feel free to watch all the other episodes and the song itself below!

Playlist: Bling47 Breaks: Dilla Edition
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