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28 Days Of Dilla #6: Another Batch


We take a look at one of Dilla’s “batches” for Day 6 of 28 Days Of Dilla.

I’m gonna level with you guys – there was a mix up with Day 6 and Day 12 and we ended up with two posts on the Dilla album Welcome 2 Detroit. Totally my fault. Not wanting to have repeat content, I have decided to step into my time machine and submit something else for Day 6. Nothing ever went wrong altering the past, right? Moving on…

Another Batch was “batch” of beats Dilla put together, probably to give out to prospective rappers (correct me if I’m wrong) and of course, like many of his other beat tapes, it found its way on the internet. It contained 38 short instrumentals, many less than 40 seconds long. Despite the succinctness in longevity, they packed enough heat to keep you interested. Coming from around 1998, the beats still had that “Jay Dee sound”: the slightly off kilter beat, soulful swing and wide range of melodic samples. Some of the tracks went on to become fully fledged tracks for other rappers (and himself) such as Track 18 which turned into E=MC2 on The Shining. It’s unlikely PayJay Productions will be putting this out as an official release but I wouldn’t be mad if they did. I always listen to it for inspiration for my own beats as it teaches me how to get an idea out in a small amount of time. Less is more, as legendary architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and for me, Dilla was just another legendary architect.

Stream the entire thing below and check out some of the samples used at WhoSampled.

Jay Dee / Another Batch - 1998
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