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5 Things Flying Lotus Should Do Before He Dies

The LA production maestro has his hands in a lot of jars but what should he do next? Here are five things we think Flying Lotus should do before he dies.

It’s hard to stay on top of Flying Lotus and his busy schedule. He has made plans for his next studio album with a feature from Herbie Hancock, he is the executive producer on Thundercat’s new LP, he has his own GTA radio station and he did the soundtrack for a JAY-Z-produced independent film. I have to assume he has found time to breathe but that could just be a rumour. With all that in mind, what’s left for the Los Angeles musician?

He needn’t worry his head about those matters as we have put together a list of five things he should do before he walks through the pearly gates of heaven with his MacBook and Akai MPD in tow.

1. Run for POTUS in 2016


This is a given, right? For a start, he’d be known as Flying Potus so that saves the campaign interns a headache when it comes to a campaign slogan. Then, he’d probably legalise marijuana, remix the national anthem and probably have Thundercat as his vice president. It’d be the perfect duo right after Obama and Biden. Wait… the senate could be full of Brainfeeder artists. Oh, I’m liking this idea even more now!

2. Appear in Game Of Thrones


I’ll be honest and say I’ve only seen one episode of Game Of Thrones so far. I’ll get round to it eventually, but I have other things to do. From what I saw, it looked pretty awesome so Flying Lotus would be the perfect addition to the hit series. Many of his peers have been involved with films and TV shows so this would be a natural progression. He’d be slaying dragons with beats, don his cape and transform into the mighty Captain Murphy to finish off everyone else. Now, I wonder what house he’d be a member of…

3. Collaborate with Kanye West and make him happy again


If you haven’t read Mostly Junk Food’s hilarious observations of Sad Grey Hoodie Kanye, we suggest you read that first to get an idea of what’s going on with the producer. That sweater just isn’t doing him any favours, emotionally. He needs a guy with a fresh outlook on life and the world at his feet. Enter Flying Lotus. That dude is ALWAYS smiling so it would only be right if he shared some of that joy with Kanye before his child drives him up the wall and hopefully end any future rants. Woosah.

4. Find a cure for cancer


How long have we been waiting for that damn thing? Cancer is a terrible disease and needs to be eradicated like last century. Music therapy is known to help cancer patients after treatment but what if it could help the actual treatment itself? I don’t know about you, but I’d trust FlyLo with the responsibility to cure me if I had cancer. Fuck cancer with Flying Lotus. Then, he’d win a Nobel Prize to go along with another possible award (see below).

5. Win an Oscar


Flying Lotus, or Steven Ellison as he might be known for this, could be only the second person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award (after George Bernard Shaw). The others may seem a little less likely but this one could happen. After all, he has had music featured in a few movies now. His short film for Until The Quiet Comes won Special Jury Award for Short Film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival so it’s only a matter of time before he’s on the red carpet and up on stage collecting the big one.

What else do you think Flying Lotus should do before he dies? Leave a comment.

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8 thoughts on “5 Things Flying Lotus Should Do Before He Dies”

  1. Have a sex change and run for Flying Flotus would have been my choice, but I’ll settle for either:
    A FlyLib/Mad Lotus/Quas vs. Murphy album, or
    A Flying Villain album

    Mad Flying Villains would be overdoing it, right?

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