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70s French Jazz Mix by Magical Mystery Mix

70s French Jazz Mix by Magical Mystery Mix

Just over an hour of underground 70s French jazz from the likes of Michel Sardaby, Brigitte Fontaine, Jean Luc Ponty, and Henri Texier.

70s French Jazz Mix by Magical Mystery Mix

I’ll dive into anything jazz related, especially when it’s prefixed with a country. Japanese jazz is a particular favourite and Magical Mystery Mix have given us a few mixes of that variety. Now it’s the turn of France and 63 minutes of 70s French jazz.

For anyone familiar with French jazz, you may recognise some or all of the names. I managed to spot three (Michel Sardaby is on one of my chillout playlists). The biggest names are Henri Texier who appears twice and Jean Luc Ponty, best known for his work with Chick Corea, Frank Zappa, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as having an extensive solo discography.

You’ll undoubtedly find some samples in this 70s French jazz mix and if you do, let us know what you make.

Stream it below and peep the tracklist further down.

70s French Jazz Mix (Soul Jazz, Free Jazz, Spiritual Jazz, Ethno Jazz..)


  1. Michel Sardaby – Welcome new warmth
  2. Rhesus O – Éveil
  3. Jef Gilson & Malagasy – Valiha Del
  4. Baroque Jazz Trio – Orientasie
  5. Edja Kungali – Jungle Dance
  6. Jacques Thollot – Position stagnante de réaction stationnaire
  7. Henri Texier – Le sage, le singe et les petits enfants
  8. Jef Gilson, Malagasy – Hommage À Rakotozafy
  9. Moving Gelatine Plates – Un Jour…
  10. Jef Gilson, Malagasy – Buddah’s Vision
  11. Christian Zÿsset – Thème N° 3 Medium Free-Jazz
  12. Daniel Humair, Jean Luc Ponty, Phil Woods, Eddy Louiss – La Sorcellerie
  13. Richard Raux, Hamsa – A Coltrane
  14. Mahjun – Chez Planos
  15. Henri Texier – Angèle
  16. Brigitte Fontaine – Moi aussi
  17. Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra – 7 rue des Precheurs
  18. Zao – Ataturc
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