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AbJo - partida sulco para ebo​.​.​.

AbJo - partida sulco para ebo​.​.​.

AbJo’s ‘partida sulco para ebo​.​.​.’ is a tapestry of soft sounds and heavy rhythms.

AbJo - partida sulco para ebo​.​.​.

It’s always a good day to hear AbJo and his new latest EP, ‘partida sulco para ebo​.​.​.’, is the perfect soundtrack.

The project opens with ‘saudade 2020. (vibraçao comigo redux)’, a subtle but superb rework with delicateness acting as the common thread tying all 6 tracks of this EP together. There’s minimal percussion on songs like ‘omnipresent’ while ‘andreas.’ and ‘storms.’ crank it up a little but not too much. Arguably the heaviest track on ‘partida sulco para ebo​.​.​.’ is ‘about you.’ thanks to its thumping house rhythms and trademark AbJo laser gun sound effect.

Stream it below.

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