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Tasmanian producer Akouo is our One To Watch.

Hip hop has changed so much over the past few years in terms of definition and execution. One of the offshoots of the genre is instrumental hip hop and while it has enjoyed acclaim in the underground for a while, artists like Hudson Mohawke (who recently signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music) and Flying Lotus have been doing the rounds with their unique style of instrumental vibes in the mainstream.

Coming from Tasmania, Australia is Akouo (pronounced “ak-oo-oh”) a music producer/DJ, hoping to break the stereotypes people have about music production. Armed with his MPD24, he dropped his EP Above & Beyond on Soundcloud for free download a couple of weeks ago. From the offset, you can hear him trying to push the boundaries of boom bap with some great synth work and instrumentation. If you’d like to know any more about Akouo’s music, check out his Facebook page.

Stream the EP below.