FREE DOWNLOAD: Big Groove – Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley x Big Groove x Hi-Five)


Sampleface’s Big Groove mixes up Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up with Hi-Five’s I Like The Way into a 80s R&B jam.

We all remember those damn Rickrolls from the 00s and since then, Rick Astley has become a internet cult icon. But just when you thought there was no more moisture in the Astley flannel towel, Big Groove has wrung out the last dregs and turned them into 80s gold. Mixing up Never Gonna Give You Up with Hi-Five’s I Like The Way, he’s crafted a 80s R&B jam you’d probably hear on Soul Train back in the day.

Stream/download it below.

UPDATE: We’ve just been sent an accompanying video. We think you’ll enjoy it very much.

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Luke Davis is a music producer and editor of music blog Sampleface. In his spare time, he enjoys watching tennis and football and reading.

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