Bob Fadoul – Fi Jamaïque

bob fadoul

Bob Fadoul – dubbed “Morocco’s James Brown Meets King Tubby” – threw some Arabic funk onto a reggae ridden and call it Fi Jamaïque. We can’t believe it either.

This is arguably the most peculiar track we’ve featured on Sampleface but entertaining nonetheless. Not much is known about Bob Fadoul besides the Little Richard aesthetic and a penchant for hip hop and dub. Proving age ain’t nothing but a number, Fadoul jumped on the bandwagon in his 40s and recorded an 10-track album. Fi Jamaïque is one of those tracks and sees the Moroccan giving his heart and soul into the vocals as the riddim rides on. Expect a reissue later this year but grab yourself a Bob Fadoul shirt from the Habibi Funk Bandcamp page.

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