Bonobo Discusses His New Album With NPR Music


Producer/DJ Bonobo talks about “challenging music’s borders” and his new album with NPR Music.

Bonobo’s Black Sands was one of the best albums of 2010 so the follow up would have to be pretty spectacular to keep the quality up. Fortunately, he has more than enough to talent to do this and judging by the snippets you can hear from this NPR interview, this one could be even better. The UK producer spoke with the media website a couple of days ago where he briefly explained his process behind instrumentation and sampling.

“The way I make music is often to kind of treat instrumentation like I would a sample. The main thing that I did [with ‘Cirrus’] was just to take the decaying tails of two notes of that thumb piano and then put them against this kick drum and make it into some kind of cohesive whole. I’m just trying to sort of push the ideas of what can create melody, what can create rhythm, and how drum sounds don’t necessarily need to come from drums, but can come from a different place.” – Taken from the interview.

You can stream the rest of the interview over at NPR Music and the video for “Cirrus” below.

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