The C4NDY KeyVLM, a keyboard device, on top of a laptop and next to a turntable

It’s like C4NDY!

C4NDY KeyVLM is a 65-key keyboard with an ortholinear layout and direct turntable and digital device connectivity. That means you can mix the music from your devices and your records, which is a bonus for DJs and sampling producers alike.

Its creator, Yamamoto Shunichi, has demonstrated the C4NDY KeyVLM on Instagram and there’s a GitHub repository if you want to help him out on the software end.

Tech specs

  • MCU: STM32G491CET6
  • Bootloader: Custom bootloader (C4NDY_BTL)
  • USB Stack: TinyUSB
  • Earth Terminal
  • Phono/Line In Jack
  • Analog and USB Input Mix
  • Headphone Out Jack
  • Master Out Gain

As it’s a DIY project, you’re better off following them Yamamoto on Instagram or on GitHub for further updates. But on the face of it, this is a remarkable project and I’d love to see it gain more traction this year.

(via CDM)

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