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HIP HOP FIND: Cellar Door x Deadpoole - DeadCellar EP

We’re pleased to find Deadpoole released another beat tape, this time in the form of a collaborative EP with fellow Ipswich producer Cellar Door.

According to their Bandcamp, “this is the first collaborative release from the two who share similar views on music and the human psyche”. Upon listening, I get what they mean. The music is very chilled and relaxing, seemingly conveying a calmed mind from both producers. The elements of trip hop work well together to provide a great soundtrack for any occasion you’d want to just shut yourself off from the world and recharge. It seems Ipswich has a little hip hop community going as Languid is also from those parts (via Zimbabwe). Could we see a Languid/Deadpoole tape on the cards? I’ll leave that up to them.

Stream and download it below.

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