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Crate Digging – A Crate Digger’s Guide


Ever needed tips on crate digging? This might come in handy.

Crate digging is one of my favourite pasttimes. If you’re unfamiliar with the term or the concept, it’s basically vinyl record shopping. As vinyl is traditionally collected in “crates”, those who seek out the music are known as “diggers”. Nine times out of ten, the only reason I ever really visit London is to go crate digging, hoping to find some great records at cheap prices. I’m not what you’d call an avid collector, so the high prices can put me off but whatever you want the vinyl for, you might want some tips. Ben Beaumont-Thomas from Wired Magazine posted some tips in an issue from October 2012 which might help you if you’re after some rare and obscure Turkish library music, Indonesian gamelan album or just a hidden bargain.

Check the link below.

(How to Cratedig via Wired.co.uk)