DaWe – Suzy Balboa Villanueva


Swedish producer DaWe’s latest album, Suzy Balboa Villanueva, is an ambient wonderland dedicated to his Peruvian mother.

“This project, dedicated to my birth mother in Peru, has been five months in the making and I can still remember each sample cut and added instrument for each track.” – DaWe, on Suzy Balboa Villanueva

That’s a good memory. DaWe is a graphic designer/producer from Sweden and his latest offering, Suzy Balboa Villanueva, comes from the heart. Starting out as just one track that quickly manifested into a fully fledged release. As DaWe says himself, he combined his adventure into “an unknown world of instrumentation” allowed his sampling to gain speed and confidence with each track. The album opens with Close Your Eyes, an ambient trip with gritty vocals and an industrial touch. The rest of the album follows along the same path.

“You can call it Chillwave, Hip-Hop, Experimental, Ambient or a mix of all those things.”

We’ll call it… dope. Stream/download it below.

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