THROWBACK THURSDAY: Dee Barnes' Hip Hop Moments

We are graced by some hip hop legends, courtesy of Dee Barnes and Pump It Up on today’s Throwback Thursday.

Dee Barnes Hip Hop Moments (1990)

You know you’re onto something great when a video starts with Heavy D. On today’s Throwback Thursday, we bring you some of the best hip hop moments of 1990 from the tv series Pump It Up. Starting in 1989, Pump It Up was a weekly series involving the biggest hip hop artists around, interviewed by host and rapper Dee Barnes. Similar to Yo! MTV Raps, they usually discussed their music, the culture and the show also had all the latest hip hop videos. Watch for Heavy D and The Boyz teaching an old man some dance moves, LL Cool J working out topless (when is that dude NOT topless?) and a yuppie doing the worst beatbox sounds in the history of music. Only in the 90s.

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