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Def3 - Small World


Saskatchewan’s Def3 shows us why it’s a Small World with his new album.

If you were looking for some stonking boom bap, you’ve come to the right place. Small World is the latest offering from rapper Def3. It comes as a follow up to his 2014 album, WILDLIF3, and features a few legends of the craft including Masta Ace and Del the Funky Homosapien. And we can’t not give props to the beat maker behind it all, Late Night Radio. His brand of sharp boom bap is just the tonic for our “small world”.

The album is now available for download through the digital retailer of your choice, and on CD, vinyl and cassette, via URBNET. You can also stream it on Bandcamp.


  1. Fill Your Soul
  2. Small World (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien, Moka Only & The Gaff)
  3. Serenity
  4. Something Missing
  5. Carry On (feat. Mystic & JFB)
  6. Sing (feat. Masta Ace, Probcause & Scratch Bastid)
  7. Life’s a Trip (feat. Clark Smith)
  8. Big Picture (feat. Metty the Dert Merchant)
  9. S.O.S. (feat. Dr. Oop & Nucleus)
  10. Prowl (feat. JFB)
  11. El Fin Del Mundo (feat. Ramon Fernandez)


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