Hip Hop

Desperados' Inner Tequila Studios Presents "Sip Hop"

When beer tequila and beats come together, you get “sip hop”, courtesy of Desperados and Inner Tequila Studios.

Malt liquor, numerous brands of champagne and Sprite are just some of the beverages associated with hip hop over the years but there might be a new brand entering the fold. Desperados, the beer tequila, in conjunction with their Inner Tequila Studios initiative are constantly experimenting with music to provide unique experiences and innovations. At one of their house parties, four Desperado bottles became the instruments in a recreation of Riton’s ‘Rinse and Repeat’ thanks to some wires and pliers and layman engineering.

Stream the short clip below and check out more from Inner Tequila Studios on their YouTube channel.

House Party Plugged: Sip Hop
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