Devils Kazoo Single Series: Volumes 1 and 2


Devils Kazoo pay homage to the days of the 7″ singles with volumes 1 and 2 of their single series.

Apologies for sleeping on this; things get quite busy around here. The men behind Devils Kazoo are no strangers to Sampleface as we featured a release from their collective last year. In this Single Series, they give a head nod to the good old days when singles were put out on small 7″ records – no iTunes click and download back then. On Volume 1, they pack a couple of head nodding jams and clever sampling onto Sides A and B. On Volume 2 however, the collective outsource their services to Canadian producer Waatu who produces Side A and spits on Side B. Let’s hope there are more volumes because this is a dope concept.

Stream both volumes below.

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