Discogs on why you should get a portable turntable

Well, well, well. How the turntables…

It’s one thing to get people to buy vinyl but you need a turntable to play them (unless you’re a hipster who just collects reissues for the sake of it or someone who purely hangs up the covers on their wall). High quality turntables aren’t always cheap so Discogs wrote 9 reasons on why you should get a portable turntable. Here are the first 3:

Listen While You Dig

If you’re interested in crate digging and discovering hidden vinyl gems, a portable turntable may become the most important piece of gear you own. Many record stores offer listening stations, but what about when you’re at a flea market, record fair, or estate sale? Portable turntables like the Victrola Revolution GO are rechargeable and include a shoulder strap. That means you can uncover new sounds and make sure records don’t skip in any digging environment.

Easily Travel With A Portable Turntable

Traveling may prevent you from listening to your records as often as you’d like. If you have a portable turntable that is compact, you can store it with your luggage on a plane, train, or automobile and spin some records once you reach your destination.

Elevate A Vacation Or Staycation

You never have to be without your favorite records while you’re on vacation. With a portable turntable, you can easily listen to your records in a hotel room. Even if you’re at a campground, you can still indulge with a battery-powered portable turntable.

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