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DJ Amir - Rare DIY Jazz DJ (Mix)

‘This mix is dedicated to those unsung labels and artists that weren’t afraid to blaze their own trails and push the envelope creatively.’ – DJ Amir

Rare Independent DIY Jazz with DJ Amir

DJ Amir spun a variety of DIY jazz records for My Analog Journal. It’s a chill 46 minute set and one you can play in the background on a Sunday afternoon while you do housework. Or just sit and take in the waning hours of the weekend.


  1. Kellee Patterson – I Love Music
  2. The Awakening – March On
  3. Calvin Keys – B.K.
  4. The Lyman Woodard Organization – Help Me Get Away
  5. A Message From the Tribe – Beneficent
  6. Byron Pope – No Boundaries
  7. Larry Rose Band – Who Conned the Lady
  8. Melvyn Price – Voodoo Dance
  9. Sphere – Alicia
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