DJ Skarface – MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla)


DJ Skarface mixed the rhymes of Madvillainy with the beats of J Dilla to produce the MadDILLAiny mixtape.

Burrowed amongst the pile of submission emails we get daily was this wonderful project. Nashville repping/Atlanta based DJ Skarface mixed together DOOM’s rhymes from one the greatest hip hop albums of recent times (Madvillainy) with beats from one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time (J Dilla) and came out with MadDILLAiny. The lyricism and production quality don’t really need an explanation but the mixing is time perfect and the beats chosen for the words are spot on, making this a superb effort from DJ Skarface (and the definition of a mixtape).

Stream MadDILLAiny below and peep the tracklist after the jump.

UPDATE: It’s now up for free download.

MadDILLAiny tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Raid In The Funke
3. America’s Coldonit
4. Operation Runnin
5. Strange and Shit
6. Figaro=Won’t Do
7. Meat Player
8. Wild Eye
9. Shadows of Nasty
10. My Geek Folder
11. Hardwaves Hustle

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