Durrty Goodz – Ultrasound


We take a look at Durrty Goodz and his 2009 track Ultrasound.

Once again, a big shout out to all you Samplefacers for all the love and support and the rest of the “Face Fam” for doing their thang! With that being said, I thought I would discuss a level of MC that is underrated and embodies what I have now come to know as through a good friend of mine as “god mode” (will speak about that in another post). To put it simply “god mode” is the frame of mind you get in where you think without thinking, do without doing and the outcome is effortless, untouchable brilliance. This counts not only for rappers, singers, or producers… this is for all people. I suppose you could, in layman’s terms, call it being in the “zone” (I personally prefer god mode though because it is a connection to everything around you). A UK artist I believe does this on a frequent basis and doesnt get enough credit for the level of skill he actually possesses is Durrty Goodz.

After being cut off to my endless stream of music, for some reason this song was the first thing to play while connected to YouTube. To sum it up, Durrty Goodz bodies the track (in my opinion) and did what he set out to do. I would ideally like to write a hell of a lot more, but to tell the truth I am shattered and would much rather you listen to the track then read me go on about the gargantuan amount of respect I have for this guy. He is not only a talented down to earth guy, he is a lyricist that is not afraid to break away from convention.

You can buy a copy of Durrty Goodz’s Ultrasound here.

This is Sub-C out for now #ItsAllLove

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