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EvillDewer – Bck On The Blk

EvillDewer - Bck On The Blk

EvillDewer opens a window into his life experiences with “Bck On The Blk.”

It’s not easy to experiment, stay ahead of the curve, and maintain a fanbase. You’re never going to please everyone all the time. But EvillDewer appears to be doing a great job of juggling all three, particularly with his latest album. Bck On The Blk weaves an eclectic tapestry of sounds and mental images from a wide range of sources. The concept of the album is described as a “journey through all the trials and tribulations EvillDewer faced being raised in such a unsafe and difficult environment.” There’s certainly an uneasy feel generated by the samples selected for Bck On The Blk. From moments of pensive thought on “The Stake out (Interlude)”, with its juddering flow and meandering pitch changes, to the quiet dissonance of “No loose ends”. Nothing is certain and nothing is perfect in this world. Bck On The Blk depicts this in its own microscopic way.

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