Written by Luke Alex Davis 5:51 pm Technology

Expensive Gear Won’t Improve Your Music says Simon the Magpie

Simon The Magpie

The Swedish music man makes some jams using a $20 cat keyboard.

We’ve asked producers in the past “if money was no object, what is one piece of gear you would buy?”. For many of these musicians, they’ve created music using very cheap tools. Even some the equipment I use cheap (or cheaper than retail price because they were second-hand). But we’d still love some of the expensive kit, whether we need it or not.

Simon The Magpie understands this and decided to flip the idea on its head to prove a hypothesis: expensive gear won’t improve your music. His experiment involved a cat keyboard costing $20. The noises are as garish as you’d expect and the finished song isn’t great but I think it still goes a long way towards proving the hypothesis.

Stream it below.

Expensive Gear Wont Improve Your Music