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This fan-made Jamiroquai documentary chronicles the band's journey


Cars, the environment, paparazzi, acrimonious personnel changes, snowboarding, and millions in record sales. This is the story of Jamiroquai.

Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving - The Documentary (Fanmade)

When I saw this on YouTube, that it was over 2 hours long and that it was fan-made, I had to see it. Biases aside (and there are lots in this one), Travelling Without Moving – The Documentary is a very comprehensive look at Jamiroquai from Jay’s beginnings as the son of Karen Kay, a famous singer and TV personality, to living on the streets and then finally making a name for himself as the frontman of a highly successful band. But rather than focus solely on Jay, the documentary looks at all members, past and present, and their thoughts and contributions to their music over the last 30+ years.

Oh, and be warned: there are a lot of Jay’s opinions on the environment and the planet in this (as to be expected if you’ve followed him and the band’s music). While many of his thoughts are true, it does start to grate a little. Small price to pay for 8 albums of great music, right?

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