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Find Your Lo-Fi Beat Track Names With These Tools

eevee seeds

You’ll forget what a vowel is with these text converter tools.

I used to find it difficult naming my tracks. I didn’t want to give away the sample I used *ahem* and I also wanted it to be interesting. Eventually, I made a list of hundreds of random titles and dip in as and when I need them.

But for a lo-fi producer, there’s a reputation to uphold. You’ve foregone the standard conventions of the English language; who needs a vowel, right? That’s where these text converter tools come in.

The first one is Vowel Remover from Togglecase. Enter your text in the text box and click Convert To Vowels Removed Text! So long unnecessary vowels. But you might still have capitalisation at the start of every word. That’s no good, you’re meant to be non-conformist. Enter tool #2.

Convert Case lets you convert your text to all lower case, all uppercase, and SpOnGeBoB cAsE (or in reverse). After you’re done, you might consider adding one or two vowels in so your tracks are readable. For example, I added all 151 Pokemon from the first generation of games and Eevee became v.

Of course, you can use these for producer names too or replace the missing vowels for congruent symbols (Δ instead of A) or punctuation. If you give either tool a try, let us know what you came up with in the comments.

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