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FREE DOWNLOAD: Florianópolis (Latin Summer Playlist)


It’s nearly that time of year when you can swap chunky hats for chilled out havaianas and Motel de Moka have you covered with a little latin summer playlist.

Latin America. Now there’s a place I’d like to spend a summer. The weather is guaranteed to be hot, the vibrancy of culture will be at its peak and the wide variety of music will be playing in every back street of every town and city. For anyone heading over to that part of the world this summer or perhaps wishing they could be there, Motel de Moka have put together a little latin summer playlist to get you in the mood. In their own words, it’s a mix of “boogaloo, rumba, cumbia, son, salsa and even some spanish quasi-reggae”. Actually, maybe you might want to swap those havaianas for comfortable dancing shoes once the rumba kicks in. Dancing is a must.
Stream one of the tracks below.
EDIT: It appears Motel De Moka has been taken down, probably due to copyright reasons.