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Floyd Cheung – Diffusing Memories EP


Let Floyd Cheung diffuse your memories with his EP of instrumental loops.

Straight loops. Some people think they’re lazy in sampling (we don’t know these people but we heard they exist) but they form the very foundation of hip hop, from the early days of breaks in the mid-to-late 70s. When done effectively, they can breathe new life into an old classic or a song you hadn’t heard of previously. Floyd Cheung has taken that ethos and implemented it into his Diffusing Memories EP. Already a growing talent in the beat scene, his loop work has got his name associated to some great underground labels such as Darker Than Wax and Bastard Jazz Recordings (via a co-sign from Tall Black Guy). The samples on this EP range from 90’s R&B to 80’s funk and soul, all drawn together by a common theme of groove, which Floyd spices up with his splices.

Stream it below.