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FREE DOWNLOAD: Wayphaser – Tunnelvision (EP)

Wayphaser - Tunnelvision

Get a 80s pop injection into your ears with Wayphaser’s new EP.

With genres like chillwave and 80s-inspired albums like Jessie Ware’s Devotion, that kind of retro synth pop is making a resurgence in an era which has, surprisingly, moved on a lot since then. Maybe it’s that nostalgic sound of teenage youth for those who were around to experience it or the need for a different type of sonic aesthetic in the industry. Regardless of the reasons, Wayphaser’s new EP, Tunnelvision, has catapulted itself from an alternate universe of shoulder pads and Roland drum machines. The group, comprised of James Nash, Ani Yadav and Klara Twomey, claim to have been inspired by the music of Depeche Mode, amongst other muses, for this release and the evidence is obvious with musical swathes of futuristic pop.

Stream/download it for free below.