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Ghetts - Definition Of A Rebel

Ghetts is back with his highly anticipated “Definition of a Rebel” in preparation for his brand new album “Rebel with a Cause”, dropping Autumn 2013.

This spoken word piece with powerful visuals is a taste of things to come for Ghetts. The campaign is geared to re-affirm the highly respected lyricist as a leader in grime and as a stand out performer overall. The concept was originally showcased at a stage show for the Manchester International Festival in conjunction with SBTV and received a warm response from both young and old.

Ghetts has been known by many different names over the years, including “Ghetto”, “Ghetts” and “J Clarke” and this campaign is set out to give the new fans a window into the past and the old fans a vision of the future setting it off. The striking visuals shots on Definition Of A Rebel are thanks to editor Elmino Da Great while the compositional credits go out to the talented Jay Moezart. Having signed with new label Disrupt, Ghetts is ready to go full steam ahead on a the “Rebel with a Cause” project and make it monumental.

Check the first instalment of the RWAC campaign below.

Definition of a Rebel - Ghetts
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