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SATURDAY MATINÉE: Giorgio Moroder At Red Bull Music Academy NYC 2013


Giorgio Moroder, the OG of electronic and disco music, spoke with the RBMA in New York a few weeks ago about his origins and his collaborations with Daft Punk and Donna Summer.

Before people starting gushing over David Guetta’s “music”, there was Giorgio Moroder. One of the greats of electronic and disco music, Giorgio was actually born in northern Italy (in case you thought he was German) and his brand of European disco music exploded worldwide. In his lecture, he spoke about his Italian and musical origins, calling the melodies for Tears (famously sampled by DJ Shadow) and Love To Love You, Baby “too simple”. Well, I suppose he has that luxury. He also touched upon his collaborations with Daft Punk on their new album. One of the nicest guys in an interesting lecture.

Stream it below.