Go To School The 1st – Motel Eola

Motel Eola Go To School The 1st

From South East London comes the talented Motel Eola and his latest project teaser Go To School the 1st. It’s the first in a 3-part series of short instrumental EP teasers releases in build-up to Motel’s debut release Kids Looking For Gold out later this year. According to the man himself, his production influences vary from Oddisee’s experimental drum patterns and breaks, through to 9th Wonder’s soul sample digging and you can definitely hear those soul chops.

“I simply love the genius of the instrumental peace.”

Never one to shy away from the demanding work of being a producer, all the tracks are produced and mixed by Motel himself, so sit back and relax and reminisce about the glory days of going back to school (if you actually enjoyed school). The next teaser will be titled Go To School the 2nd and is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Oh, and it’s free!

Stream the EP below and let us know what you think.

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