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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Happy 30th To Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video


Today marks 30 years since the video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller debuted.

We couldn’t let a landmark date like this go, despite the fact Michael Jackson has dominated our Throwback Thursdays for the past few weeks. Today is the 30th anniversary of the video debut of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, arguably the most famous music video of all time and regarded as one of, if not the, greatest music video of all time (I’m with the latter opinion). The video was directed and co-written by John Landis, alongside Michael Jackson, in a time when film directors generally didn’t touch music videos but his intrigue lead to the scary short film we know and love today. Because of its influence not only on music videos for decades to come but pop culture as a whole, elements of the video have been parodied and interpolated by anyone with a video camera. The famous Thriller dance has been copied by everyone from Asian prisoners to Legomen and wedding receptions and we can’t forget to mention the sheer volume of samples taken from the pop classic. Oh, and a shout out to Rick Baker for his stellar makeup effects on those zombies because I’m pretty sure they made millions of kids wet the bed after viewing.

Stream Michael Jackson’s Thriller in full below.